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Thomas Braun

My greatest passion is building new businesses.

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Mr. Braun is the Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer and a Director of the Corporation.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario, a Juris Doctor degree from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Laws from the University of San Francisco.  Mr. Braun has been a Member of the State Bar of California since 1997 and a Member of the Law Society of British Columbia since 1999 and practiced corporate law from 1999 to present.  He is also admitted to practice before the Federal Court for the Northern District of California and the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  As a lawyer he has represented high tech start-up companies as well as mining companies that were publicly traded or were going public.  As an entrepreneur he has incorporated companies and managed them all the way through the IPO process and holds two US patents in the field of infra-red spectroscopy.

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