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Verisante Core

The Verisante Core™ series utilizes the platform technology behind the Verisante Aura™ for the early detection of other cancers including lung, colon and cervical, using an endoscopic attachment.

The first use for Verisante Core™ will be to aid in the early detection of lung cancer. The device has already been used by the BC Cancer Agency on over 50 patients with excellent results. The study was done by the BC Cancer Agency in collaboration with the Lung Centre at Vancouver General Hospital.

The pilot study results were release in July 2011 in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology.

In the study, a laser Raman Spectroscopy (LRS) system was developed to collect real-time, in vivo lung spectra with a fiber optic catheter passed down the instrument channel of a bronchoscope. The white light bronchoscopy ("WLB") and autofluorescence bronchoscopy ("AFB") imaging modalities were used to identify lesions from 26 subjects, from which 129 Raman spectra were measured. Multivariate statistical analyses were performed on the spectra with a leave-one-out cross validation.

Clear in vivo Raman spectra were obtained in 1 second. Preneoplastic lesions were detected with a sensitivity of 96% and a specificity of 91%.

The study concluded that adding point LRS analysis to WLB + AFB imaging has the ability to detect preneoplastic lesions in real time with high sensitivity and specificity. The use of LRS has great potential for substantially reducing the number of false-positive biopsies associated with WLB + AFB with very little reduction in the detection sensitivity.

The optical biopsy system, known as the Verisante Core™ series, detects spectral bio-markers for cancer. Today, once a doctor spots a lung lesion, it must be surgically biopsied for a full pathology report to determine if it is malignant. However, the Verisante Core™ device determines with exceptional accuracy if a lesion is malignant or benign. Through this quick and non-invasive verification process, the Verisante Core™ device prevents unnecessary biopsies and the resulting stress and health-care risks and costs that accompany the biopsy procedure.

In addition to our existing collaborations with the BC Cancer Agency, Verisante will collaborate with Dr. Stephen Lam and the VGH Lung Centre for the development and commercialization of Verisante Core™ for the early detection of lung cancer.

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